Finger Drawings

Dandi starts to create Finger Drawings since 2014. For her, Finger Drawings is like a diary full of little secrets and all of her memories. Her constellation is Libra, whose typical characters with appeal to peace, balance, and avoid conflicts. In real life, she prefers to comfort others rather than say no which made me frustrated sometimes, she knows this is her weakness and compromise, But in her inner world, she is kind of picky person, she dissatisfied with bad habits, rude manners, and social issues happening today. Finger Drawings is not only showing her attitude but also a way to release the pressure and express this self-contradictory.

Finger Drawings, titled Boring Art is an ongoing project, she has done the first series of 100 drawings, reinterpreting her focuses on the contemporary relationship from a female’s perspective. For now, she is aiming to create the second portrait series which reflects the celebrity effect and fashion trends of 2019.

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