Secrets Behind Closed Doors

Artist Talk with Sue Martinez

Secrets Behind Closed Doors demonstrates American family stories, daily life, and landscapes, in a folk aesthetic, expressed in interactive board games and paintings. As a baby boomer, Martinez notes, “I am a part of the group born right after World War II when there was peace and families were getting started everywhere.” The symbolism of the 1950’s and 1960’s family life was projected as a “Typical Family” or “Perfect Life,” illustrating how every family lived in pleasant circumstances, but that was not always true.

Martinez reuses abandoned construction wood to make these artworks, using storytelling to create a new vision of reality; during that era in America, people were often reluctant, to tell the truth about what was happening behind closed doors.

Artists, such as Martinez, are serious about using art as a tool to tell their stories; their artworks are pure, organic and full of direct feelings. Martinez’s perspectives are not only perspectives, but attitudes about love, life, and society. Her paintings can be read as a working dairy of American cultural life that uses art as a therapeutic medium to tell the hidden stories of family struggle and ordinary life. The work presents a way to rise from sorrow to joy; the exhibition will open the doorway to bring the truth to light.

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Chinese, born in 1990, exhibition coordinator and curator. Gu graduated with M.A. Business Design & Arts Leadership (BDAL) at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). And earned her B.F.A. degree in Multimedia Digital Art and Design from the China Academy of Art. Now, she lives and works in New York and Savannah.


American, born in 1949, self- taught American born artist. Sue Martinez was born and raised in the New York suburbs and went to school in the 1950’s and 60’s when the world changed forever. “As a young girl, all I ever expected was a life as a wife and mother but by the time I got out of college, I moved to Miami and began a career in industry and as a teacher, bringing my creativity to bear in many different fields.”

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Secrets Behind Closed Doors | Opening Reception | Curated by Dandi Gu
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