Bricolage and Minimalism: Fashion Collection Exhibition

“Bricolage and Minimalism, A Fashion Collection exhibition- what you see is not what you truly see” is held in Bryson Hall, Savannah, Georgia, in May 2018.


Curator: Dandi Gu, Editorial Photographer: Joanna Shi, Fashion Designer: Fei Liu.

About the exhibition:

Bricolage and Minimalism, a fashion collection M.F.A thesis exhibition designed by Fei Liu, aims to convey the connection between Bricolage and Minimalism. Bricolage is a French wording that means “do it yourself,” it expresses construction or creation from a diverse range of available things.

This exhibition is curated by Dandi Gu and photography by Joanna Shi, includes 20 garments which explore Bricolage and Minimalism as metaphors for juxtaposition and changeability based on fashion design. Liu brings about the idea of “what you can see is not what you truly see,” rethinks deconstructionism in minimalist fashion inspired by the Avant-Garde art and fashion.

About Fashion Designer: Fei Liu 

Fei Liu is a SCAD graduate student, majoring in M.F.A Fashion Design. Liu is one of the few fashion designers, focuses on sustainability of art and fashion and reasonable of application of materials. Liu is devoted to using up all the materials to make a complete garment. And each piece of clothing is removable to another clothing, to recreate a new work within existing clothing. The gem of creation highlights the aesthetic innovation, experimental practice, and rational utilization of available things.

Backstage of the Fashion show: Bricolage and Minimalism Curated by Dandi Gu
BM fashion exhibition-186
The starter is a Live Sculpture performance, which brings an idea of “Bring death to life.”
BM fashion exhibition 2-88
BM fashion exhibition 2-99
BM fashion exhibition-401
BM fashion exhibition-323
BM fashion exhibition-310
BM fashion exhibition 2-326
BM fashion exhibition 2-332
BM fashion exhibition-270
BM fashion exhibition-381
BM fashion exhibition 2-161
BM fashion exhibition-353
BM fashion exhibition 2-200
BM fashion exhibition 2-207
BM fashion exhibition 2-231
BM fashion exhibition 2-233
BM fashion exhibition 2-380
BM fashion exhibition 2-391
BM fashion exhibition-396
BM fashion exhibition-70
BM fashion exhibition-162
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