IMG_3477Art brings resonance to people who have different nationalities, cultures, and background, which makes art as a medium without obstacles sharing understanding and connecting the world.

With four years of exploring arts management, Dandi Gu is always excited to face any working challenge and committed to succeeding in it. Gu graduated with M.A. in Business Design and Arts Leadership at Savannah College of Art and Design and earned her B.F.A. degree in Multimedia Digital Art and Design from the China Academy of Art. Gu devotes herself as a project manager and creative consultant, particularly in nonprofits management, exhibition making, event planning, marketing and promotion, fundraising. Also well-versed in graphic design, illustration.

She traveled to Washington, D.C., for the National Arts Advocacy Day for the past two years promoting the economic and intrinsic value of supporting arts and culture. In March 2018, she independently curated an American folk art exhibition Secrets Behind Closed Doors, which was nominated Top 5 recommended activities of Savannah Connect Newspaper. In May 2018, she directed and curated a fashion collection exhibition Bricolage and Minimalism, What you see is not what you truly see and successfully gained sponsorship from M.A.C. and Arts Georgia State of the Arts. Now, She lives and works in New York and Savannah, empowered to lead projects that advance the future of arts, culture, design, and more.

Open for Busi/Collabs:  info@dandigu.com  Download Résumé